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the Sages and Saints of India's Past.
Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India.

Behind Every Temple is dedicated to helping protect and preserve ancient India’s traditions and temples for future generations. 

Explore our dharma blog and discover rich insights into Vedic culture and the amazing stories and wisdom from ancient Sages.  Over time, we hope this section will inspire seekers and give a deeper understanding of Hindu philosophy and instill pride in the modern generation for witnessing all the fantastic accolades of our ancestors.

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Science Behind Hindu Temples

Science Behind Pooja & Yagna

Wisdom of Rishis & Sages

Vedic Education & the Gurukul System

Science Behind Gomata

Hindu Lifestyle (Modern & Ancient)

Meetings with Siddhas & Saints

Explore some of the experiences the Founders have had while meeting various Siddhas, Saints, & Gurus.

Explore Sacred Wisdom

Science Behind Hindu Temples

The Science Behind Temple Kumbhabhishekam

Why Protect Temples?

The Mystical Importance of Preserving Hindu Temples

Benefits of Renovating Temples

Science Behind Pooja & Yagna

The Science of Yajnas & The Importance of Havan Ceremonies

Wisdom of the Rishis & Sages

Vedic Education & The Gurukul System

Science Behind Gomata

Hindu Lifestyle (Modern & Ancient)

The Importance of Pilgrimage in Hinduism

Discover why pilgrimage plays such an essential role in Hinduism and learn some of the deeper philosophical and spiritual concepts behind the practice.

Hindu Dharmic Influencers to Follow in 2024

Explore some of the amazing individuals standing up and making a difference for Hindus around the world.

Meeting Saints & Siddhas

Meeting Siddha Guru Ayya

Guru Ayya Did Intense Tapas for 18 Years Near the Peak of Arunachala. Read about one of the Co-founders experiences with Him below.

Meeting Saddhu Krishnaveni Amma

Amma was brought to the sacred Siddha spot of Papanasam in Pothigai Hills when She was around 12 years old.