Kashi Vishwanatha Temple

The Kashi Vishwanatha Temple in Kumbakonam is in dire need of renovation. Here, Lord Shiva remains in meditation.

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**Update! Another Dharmic group has taken up this temple and raised funds for its renovation!**

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This ancient, Chola era Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva as Kashi Vishwanatha. There is no seperate shrine for Divine Mother. 

kashivishwanatha temple in kumbakonam
kashi vishwanatha temple kumbakonam

At the top of the temple, there is a sculpture of Indra coming on an elephant. Only Ganesha is at the entrance of the temple alongside two murtis of Guru Bhagavan.

These ruins are in the forest and all the murtis are lying exposed to the sun and rain. The temple could collapse at any moment. 

kashi vishwanatha temple kumbakonam

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