Kaholeshwar Shiva Temple Kumbabhishekam

This ancient temple has now been fully renovated and is ready for the Kumbhabhishekam on June 28, 2023

kaholeshwar temple fully renovated

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The Aagama sastra says:

Sarvaroga nivirtyartham, sarva yaaga phalapradam,
Sarva sampathkaram nrunam putrapoutrabhi vardhanam

It is conducted with the sole purpose of eradicating all illness, obtaining good benefits from various Yagaas, deriving rich benefits for the well being and for the health propagation of the progeny.

Help Support The Kumbabhishekam of This Temple

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Devotees donating to Kumbabishekam accrue more Punniya Karma & it blesses them and their families for many generations.

The Tamil Siddha Tradition says, “The person who gets into the act of helping renovate a holy temple is absolved of all their sins acquired over a thousand of their previous births.”

We should never miss an opportunity to help renovate an ancient temple. All are invited to participate in this celebration. 

kaholeshwar temple fully renovated

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